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A Wide Variety Of Benefits For A Wide Variety Of People

Ancient healers have used sound therapy for thousands of years as it can reduce pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, muscle pain, spasms and tremors. The therapy stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and regulates the Limbic System to balance mind and body. It improves sleep, digestion, focus and productivity.



“Everything in life is vibration”  

                                                    Albert Einstein

Vibrations are one of the properties of life, we as human beings and everything around us in the Universe vibrates.

Combining ancient healing techniques with modern technology, Vibro-Acoustic Soundwave therapy is a natural, energy based, non-invasive and drug free approach to health and wellbeing by using sound to produce vibrations that flow directly through the body.

We convert pure tones into vibrations that are applied to the body through a bed or chair.

Sound vibrations travel five times more effectively through water than air and since the human body is made up of over 70% water, Vibro-Acoustic Therapy has been proven to provide a deep tissue massage that is able to reach all the cells relaxing and healing more efficiently. Creating a feeling of calm and peacefulness and clearing the mind of anxiety assisting the body to reduce pain, stress, tension and anxieties that are held within.

Our therapy rooms offer a warm, safe and peaceful haven with sensory lights, a variety of sounds and choice of aromatherapy fragrance to relax and unwind.



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Sensory lights and colours

Darkness, gentle sensory lighting, soothing illumination in your favourite colour all personally tailored to make it your own totally immersive experience.........


The aroma

We have 31 different essential oils, you choose how you want the room to smell. 
Or why not have a combination of them........ it really is all about you.


The sounds you listen to

From the calming sounds of the sea to the middle of a thunderstorm the choices are as varied as the people who come and see us
Cats purring or Whales singing....... its all about your relaxation.



"The never ending thoughts in my head, the constant worrying, the pain in my shoulders and neck from all the stress of it all melted away today. I enjoyed every second of my first session and have never felt this relaxed and calm minded in a long time. The lighting, sound and aroma was all set to my preference and I was left alone laying on a comfortable bed, fluffy cushions and a warn throw. the whole experience was wonderful and have booked to come back as a regular client. I would recommend (and haven't stopped talking about it) to anyone.

I chose this to help with anxiety and I have felt the benefits after my first session"

Andrea G.

"Beautiful holistic experience, to help all sorts of dis- ease. Totally relaxing, heartwarming and extremely effective. I hope Karma goes from strength to strength. I'm taking my daughter who suffers from severe anxiety I'm sure! It's going to help her. Thank you Karma for all you do xx"

Lorraine S.

"I had my first session yesterday and I had no idea what to expect. I was greeted with a warm welcome and a full explanation of what to expect. I spent an hour, completely relaxed, listening to calming music, relaxing lights, on a vibrating bed. It was absolute heaven. I went straight to work but once I had finished for the day and sat down at home, I couldnt keep my eyes open! I slept like a baby all night and today, I feel extremely relaxed considering the usually stresses of my every day life. I have booked to go again, this time with my 10yr old son.
I highly recommend this therapy!!"

Cerys D.

"Had my first session today to relax and for lower back pain. All I can say is WOW! It felt absolutely amazing! The treatment room is so relaxing and Lyn is lovely and makes you feel so at ease. The treatment itself feels wonderful, like being in a jacuzzi almost. My lower back feels much better and I feel very relaxed. I’ll definitely have more treatments!"

Barbara M.

"I love Karma Wellbeing. Very welcoming, kind and professional. The room is set just to my needs with the right aroma, sounds, and lighting. It definitely helps to relax me and I feel a new person afterwards. Would definitely recommend to everyone."

Seb B.



We offer convenient and flexible booking options including lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments.
Although recommended, pre-booking not always necessary


Your first appointment is a one hour duration.
We carry out a personal consultation  to ensure the therapy is tailored to your individual needs.


30 minutes to an hour duration dependent on your personal preference and identified need.


Carers/Parents are able to have a dual session offering together relaxation.


We are available for full day, half day and corporate therapy packages in addition to individual bookings.


A unique gift for someone special who could use some relaxation.

Prices start from just £10 a session



Monday    Denbigh  11am - 5pm

Tuesday    Mold  11am - 6pm

Wednesday    Wrexham  10am - 3pm

Thursday    Wrexham  10am - 6pm

Friday   Denbigh  10am - 6pm

Saturday   Wrexham  10am - 2pm



Founded in 2017, we are a community interest company who deliver an accessible and affordable alternative therapy in the community to assist in improving health and wellbeing.
We are a friendly, dedicated team who are Dementia friends, Autism and Disability aware.  We are committed to providing a person-centred service and are happy to work with individuals to achieve this in various ways.
Trained in Sound, Sleep and Relaxation therapies and members of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, we work with children and adults of all ages who have a variety of health issues and everyday living disorders and the associated effects.



Vibroacoustic therapy is a holistic wellness integrative therapy that uses sound waves. Karma Wellbeing CIC does not offer diagnosis, cure or prevention of any disease and the therapy should not be seen as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified licensed medical professional.
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